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Albizia lebbeck - Broome Rain Tree / Indian Siris - 20 seeds

Albizia lebbeck - Broome Rain Tree / Indian Siris - 20 seeds

A fast growing tree with lovely flowers that makes a great Bonsai specimen!
This is a fast growing semi deciduous to deciduous tree growing up to 20m tall in its native habitat of northern Australia, tropical regions in Africa and Asia growing in coastal forests, monsoonal vine thickets, savannah woodlands and riparian areas, occuring on soils overlying basalt, among sandstone boulders and basalt outcrops on breakaway or scree slopes and on stabilised dunes or low lateritic ledges above the beach.
It has rough brownish grey-brown bark that is somewhat flaky, with a large spreading canopy and low branching habit.
The lovely green bipinnate foliage is fern like and in Spring the main flush of bristly flowers occurs en masse, they are creamy white to creamy yellow with pale green tips, sometimes this can flower twice a year. The flowers are sweetly perfumed and this is more pronounced in the evening when the leaves fold together.
The seed pods that follow the flowers are narrow, flat, oblong and ripen to a light tan colour from mid Autumn to Spring.
Makes a great option for Bonsai, a shade tree, erosion control, coastal plantings, land rehabilitiation - it is nitrogen fixing, fodder,and avenue plantings.
Prefers well drained soil with moderate to high fertility but does not like heavy clay or waterlogged soils, tolerates moderate soil salinity - be sure to keep under control as it can become weedy in some situations.
Best grown in full sun in humid and semi arid tropics and subtropics, but can be grown in other areas quite well.
This listing is for 20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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