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Albizia julibrissin - Silk Floss Tree - 20 Seeds

Albizia julibrissin - Silk Floss Tree - 20 Seeds

The Silk Floss Tree is a small, fast growing (to 1m a year!), deciduous tree growing to 10m in height, originally from China, this tree has been cultivated as an ornamental in the south eastern United States and Europe since the 18th century.  In many areas it has escaped cultivation and is now established, growing and reproducing on its own along roadways and other disturbed areas and there are over a hundred species of Albizia, all native to Asia, Africa or Australia.
The Silk Floss Tree, has an open, airy, umbrella-like canopy often with multiple trunks, the trunk is smooth and the branches arch gracefully, the leaves are about 30cm in length, held alternately on the stem and twice compound.  Each featherlike leaf has a central rachis (leaf stem) with a dozen or so side branches bearing the 1.5cm leaflets. 
The flowers are pink and arranged in compound clusters about 15cm across that look like fluffy silk powder puffs, their fragrance fills the mid Summer air and attracts honey bees.  The flattened seeds are held in pods, 10 to 20cm long and 4cm wide. 
This is a frost and drought hardy plant that thrives in a wide range of soil conditions, including alkaline soils.  It is best in full sun although it tolerates partial shade and tolerates total neglect! 
The Silk Floss Tree makes a beautiful lawn accent, the graceful, leafy canopy permits enough light for grass to grow right up to the trunk.  It is suited to positions around homes, decks, patios and porches where it provides summertime shade without threatening to clog roof gutters.
It can also make an excellent beginners Bonsai subject. 
Propagation is easy from seed and the only pre-treatment is the normal leguminous scarification or hot water treatment.
20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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