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Agonis flexuosa - Willow Myrtle / Peppermint Tree - 125 Seeds

Agonis flexuosa - Willow Myrtle / Peppermint Tree - 125 Seeds


A delightful feature tree or Bonsai subject


Myrtaceae - no shipment to WA or TAS


The Willow Myrtle, Agonis flexuosa, is one of the popular long flowering Agonis family from Western Australia.  A shapely, medium-sized spreading tree to about 15m in height and has an attractive pendulous habit.  Juvenile foliage is broad with mature foliage thinner, pendulous and linear to about 10cm.  In Spring and Summer it bears attractive small white flowers en masse along the branches.

This species is frost tolerant (the limit of its frost tolerance is Canberra cold) and will take most aspects and soils and, despite its western origin, is hardy in sub-tropical and temperate areas of the eastern states of Australia.  It grows particularly well in sandy soils along the coast and may die back slightly due to heavy frosts but established plants generally recover satisfactorily.  It is easily propagated from seed without the need of any pre-treatment.

This listing is for approximately 125 premium quality seed shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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