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Agathis robusta - Kauri Pine / QLD Kauri - 20 seeds

Agathis robusta - Kauri Pine / QLD Kauri - 20 seeds


This is a large Australian tree endemic to QLD, with a widespread population in NE QLD and another occurance in the SE corner in QLD, naturally found growing in subtropical forest on the east coast and on elevated areas in the topical north QLD and the PNG variety is found in upland areas in the country's east.


Can reach heights of up to 40m in its native habitat, often smaller in cultivation, the trunk is straight, approximately 2.5m in diameter, bark is a smooth and brown to grey in colour and flakes off in small patches to expose orange brown underbark, creating an interesting mottled appearance.


The branches start near the ground on your trees, these lower branches naturally come away from the tree as the tree grows leaving a mostly branch free trunk topped with a narrow crown and columnar habit.


The juvenile leaves start off oval shaped and pale yellow to green in colour becoming darker green and leathery as they mature.


Male cones are 4 - 10cm long with more than 50 scales per cone and usually persist beneath the mature trees, female cones have 340 - 440 scales per cone and are 8 - 10.5cm in diameter, the seeds that are released from the mature female cones are winged, brown and oval shaped.


Suitable in a wide range of soils but prefers a free draining soil in humid, warm temperate, subtropical and tropical climates.


This listing is for 20 fresh had collected seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds - get these while they are in stock as they won't be available for another 12 months when they are gone!

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