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Adenium obesum - Mixed Colours Desert Rose - 10 seeds

Adenium obesum - Mixed Colours Desert Rose - 10 seeds


This is a stunning succulent with a thick and in some cases contorted Caudex (swollen trunk) that flowers in a wide variety of colours from the standard pink, white, yellow, red, burgundy and even some doubles with single as well as two tone flowers! 


Adenium is a low maintenance, sun loving plant that required at least 6 hours a day  for the trumpet shaped flowers to put on their show from Spring to Summer and makes a great potted plant for outdoors or indoors if given enough light, it also makes a fantastic Bonsai specimen.


Keep the potting media moist but not wet during the growing period and fertilise monthly with a half strength 20-20-20.  Reduce watering in Winter and stop feeding – often Adeniums will lost their leaves during the colder months but will re-shoot once the warmer weather starts.


Adeniums are an excellent feature plant for the tropics and subtropics, for use on a patio, indoors or in the garden.


10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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