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Adansonia gregorii - Australian Baobab / Boab - 10 seeds

Adansonia gregorii - Australian Baobab / Boab - 10 seeds

The Baobab is a well known and easily recognised feature of dry landscape, this interesting tree grows up to 14 tall in the wild and develops a huge swollen bottle like trunk.  It is deciduous with palmate leaves with each leaflet growing to 13cm long. 


An often overlooked facet of this tree are the flowers and fruits, these are an beautiful feature and are large and white in colour with fluffy prominent anthers appear on long stalks in late Spring or early Summer.  Following the flowers are fruits that grow to 10cm in diameter - the flesh of the fruits is edible , has a sherbet like tang and are often carved as novelties.
This is easily propagated from seed growing quickly at first and then more slowly with age. 
Suited to tropical or subtropical climates it lends itself to Bonsai or can be grown as a tub plant on the patio or indoors in full light until it becomes too large.  When grown outdoors it prefers moderately fertile sandy soil in a sunny position.
With its huge bottles and frequently forked trunks with the stunning flowers, the Baobab makes a grand feature tree.


In Australia the baobab grows particularly well in northern areas and as a feature in Brisbane and makes a classic Bonsai subject.
10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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