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Actinotus helianthi - Flannel Flower - 30 seeds

Actinotus helianthi - Flannel Flower - 30 seeds


The Flannel Flower has a brilliant white star shaped bloom up to 7.5cm across with soft flannel like bracts in Spring and Summer and and silvery grey leaves, this is a temperate climate plant that is actually not very frost hardy.  

The Flannel Flower is a signature plant of Australia and makes an excellent cut flower or planted en masse in garden beds.

This perennial grows to approximately 50cm tall, likes part shade to full sun and prefers poor sandy soil mixed with chunky sandstone it will live happily in any very well drained soil. 


Plant in garden or pots (seed grown are best in pots) in a sheltered position at three to four months, sow in warm areas or in a glasshouse at any time, in frost prone areas sow when danger of frost is over.  

30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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