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Acer saccharum - Sugar Maple - 30 Seeds

Acer saccharum - Sugar Maple - 30 Seeds


Acer saccharum, commonly known as the Sugar Maple (it is one source of maple syrup), is a very attractive deciduous tree frequently grown as an ornamental for its vivid Autumn foliage display.  It is a good timber tree and of course the sap is useful for Maple syrup.

It is Native to Northern America and is a large tree reaching 20 - 30m high at maturity with an upright oval growth habit in youth, becoming upright rounded with age.

It has five-lobed 'Maple' leaves - typical of the Acers, dark green with palmate venation and some 12cm long and 12cm wide turning to a mixture of bright yellow, orange, and/or red, and often transitioning from one colour to the next.

The light green flowers come in pendulous inflorescences before the foliage in Autumn, and give the tree a very fine-textured lime-coloured appearance in early Spring.

Fruits occur in pendulous clusters starting as medium-green samaras that have parallel wings and maturing to brown fruits in Spring.

Frost tolerant in even the coldest Australian conditions, site in full sun to partial sun.  

Please note that all species of Maple (Acer) require 90 to 120 days cold stratification pre-treatment to promote germination. 

As well as being an excellent shade and park tree, it is an important forest tree in the USA for its timber (wood is fine-grained and yields a wavy pattern when cut into boards for furniture or floors) and for its sap that can be made into Maple syrup.

30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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