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Acacia triptera - Spur Wing Wattle - 30 seeds

Acacia triptera - Spur Wing Wattle - 30 seeds


This interesting Wattle grows 1 - 3m tall x 1 - 5m wide with an upright or a low and spreading habit with bluish grey phyllodes that are very interesting in shape and yellow flowers from Winter to Spring.  

It is found growing widespread in central and southern QLD and central NSW on sandy plains or in skeletal soils on rocky escarpments and sometimes forming extensive and impenetrable thickets in open Eucalypt woodland.


Best in full sun to part shade in dry very well drained soil and it is drought tolerant when established preferring warm temperate, cool temperate, Mediterranean and cool climates.


Great as a screen, windbreak, as a cut flower or for foliage, and attracts bees, birds and insects.


30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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