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Acacia stenophylla - Shoestring Wattle / River Coobah - 30 seeds

Acacia stenophylla - Shoestring Wattle / River Coobah - 30 seeds

Acacia stenophylla, commonly known as the Shoestring Acacia or River Coobah is a medium sized tree reaching 3 to 12m in height that occurs naturally along watercourses in arid inland areas of eastern Australia.  It has a weeping habit and takes its common name from the long bead-like or shoe-string form of the seed pods.
This is a long lived Acacia that can live up to 50 years!  
It has a rounded crown with pendulous branches and is normally a single stemmed tree although in some situations in the wild it is multi-trunked.  It is normally found in heavy soils on plains and gentle slopes adjoining flood zones, depressions and water courses subject to periodic flooding.  Soils are predominantly fine textured alluvials, grey cracking clays and red sandy clays with a neutral to alkaline pH.  Soils are often saline and subject to frequent waterlogging and typical of leguminous Acacia, it is a nitrogen fixing plant.
The bark is a finely furrowed reddish-brown, the leaves are long and narrow in a grey-green shade.  Flowers are a light yellow to white and can be seen throughout the year with a peak from Autumn to Winter.
This is a fast-growing species in its initial years with growth in later years directed to trunk girth. 
Seed was roasted and the large nourishing seed eaten by the Indigenous Australians.  The wood is useful as firewood, fenceposts and furniture and has great potential as a specialty and craft timber.  As a tree it makes an attractive weeping ornamental and is suitable for windbreaks, shelter, shade, soil stabilisation, food production and rehabilitation of mine sites and degraded areas.
Grow in full sun, this is a frost tolerant species and, notwithstanding its arid climate origins, it is moderately drought tolerant.  It can take heavy and waterlogged soils and is tolerant of saline soils.
This listing is for 30 seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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