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Acacia spectabilis - Mudgee Wattle - 30 seeds

Acacia spectabilis - Mudgee Wattle - 30 seeds


The Mudgee Wattle, Acacia spectabilis, is a fine Wattle often chosen because of its year round appeal.  This is a fast growing species that can become a tree of 4.5m tall or more in five years in suitable conditions.

The fine fern like foliage and attractive form of this Acacia is its special features, along with its striking winter blooms and flower buds.  The graceful pinnate leaves are about 7.5cm long, smooth and greyish, with their grey appearance enhanced during the winter.  The trunk and branches of the tree have a silvery grey bloom that wears off with age.  The yellow-green spikes of flower buds appear in mid Winter (best in mild Winters) and are followed by the mature flowers in Spring which are quite large balls in a clear golden yellow.  These blooms are one of the brightest of all the Wattles and are produced profusely with the weight of the flowers bowing down the branches.  A light pleasant scent accompanies the blooms.

This species can vary in its form somewhat depending on how you cultivate it.  Grown in an open position it will branch freely near ground level and form a graceful spreading head with the pale stems featuring through the foliage.  If closely planted in multiples or with other plants they can be restricted in their branching to a height of approximately 1.5m forming a slender sometimes leaning tree with fewer branches.  It makes an attractive and effective screen or low windbreak and an attractive feature or small street tree.

This is a frost hardy species in Australia to -7°C that can tolerate extended dry periods short of full drought with little adverse affect, although this species is better suited to an adequate water supply for premium performance.  Minimal aftercare can determine the final form and shape with some pruning in the early years giving a good response.  Any neutral or acid soil is suitable.

This is a valuable species for wildlife, providing habitat and a food source for insects, bees and birds, it is highly ornamental and a great garden specimen and an added feature is that its leaves fold shut under hot dry conditions to conserve water.


30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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