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Acacia pravissima - Ovens Valley Wattle - 30 seeds

Acacia pravissima - Ovens Valley Wattle - 30 seeds


Acacia pravissima is a particular favourite of ours, primarily because it is just a highly attractive tree with many desirable features.  It is a hardy, upright, bushy shrub to 3.5m in height and as broad across and is a showy tree all year round with its slightly pendulous habit that gives it an almost weeping appearance! 


In the Spring and early Summer when it is in bloom, it is a mass of bright vibrant colour with a profusion of bright yellow racemes 10 - 12cm long and a delightful fragrance.

As with most Acacia species, it is fast growing, and this one, hailing from the cooler climate of North Eastern Victoria, can withstand frost and colder weather - down to about -10°C and can withstand slight coastal exposure and extended periods of dryness.  It can be trimmed and shaped and this may be necessary to maintain a truly desirable size and form although it is generally a well behaved species. 


It is a widely cultivated species adaptable to a range of climates and soils that will grow in dappled light or full sun and as a result of its versatility and desirable qualities, several commercial cultivars of this species have been developed that only come true to form from cuttings.

As with all Acacia germination and propagation from seed is easy with only a minimum of pre-treatment required.


30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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