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Acacia neriifolia - Oleander Wattle - 30 seeds

Acacia neriifolia - Oleander Wattle - 30 seeds

Acacia neriifolia, known as the Oleander Wattle, is a shrub or small tree that grows to 3 - 8m tall.  The name refers to the similarity of the foliage to the leaves of the exotic Oleander but fortunately Acacia neriifolia does not have similar poisonous foliage.
Phyllodes very narrowly elliptic to linear, straight or slightly curved, mostly 5 - 15cm long and 4 - 9mm wide. Young foliage has a bluish tinge.
The globular flower heads are bright yellow and appear in Spring and the tree will usually flower within three years from planting.  It is very frost hardy.
30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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