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Acacia melanoxylon - Australian Blackwood - 30 seeds

Acacia melanoxylon - Australian Blackwood - 30 seeds


Acacia melanoxylon, known as Australian Blackwood, is one of the largest of

the Australian Acacias, reaching 45m in height, although in cultivation usually only reaches 10 - 12m. 

It has a very wide range, being found naturally from the Atherton Tableland in North QLD down the east coast to TAS and west into SA, growing on a wide range of differing habitats from cool montane sites to tropical lowlands and on a wide variety of soil types.


It is a long lived, nitrogen fixing tree that grows with a straight trunk and dense and pyramidal to cylindrical crown , sometimes with heavy spreading branches. 


The leaves are bipinnate (feathery) on seedlings and coppice shoots mature into 10cm long, greyish phyllodes that  turn a dark dull green. 


Flowering usually occurs in late Winter - Spring in the north and Spring - Summer in the south, although flowering and fruiting has been noted to occur throughout the year in some areas of its range.  Flowers are pale yellow in colour and are globular in shape that are followed by reddish-brown seed pods. 


The wood of this species is prized as a premium furniture timber, including cabinet work, panelling, inlays, bent work, staves and has good acoustic qualities making it suitable for stringed instruments.  The timber is often used for sliced veneer because of its limited availability, although most timber on the market is harvested from natural stands in Tasmania, it is now grown as a plantation species for high value timber production in some areas of Southern Australia.


This species is considered slightly to moderately salt tolerant and exhibits provenance variation in attributes such as growth performance and frost tolerance and grows best in areas that experience moderate to high rainfall with limited potential on sites that receive less than 600mm average annual rainfall. 


30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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