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Acacia iteaphylla - Flinders Range Wattle - 30 seeds

Acacia iteaphylla - Flinders Range Wattle - 30 seeds


Acacia iteaphylla, the Flinders Range Wattle, is a large weeping shrub to 5m tall with narrow grey-green foliage to 10cm long.  The flowers are perfumed yellow and appear in the from Autumn but in profusion in the Winter.   


It has very attractive light green new growth and buds on this species are enclosed in attractive pinkish bracts.  Bunched seed pods are an interesting and add to the overall attraction of the species which makes a great feature plant or a different type of hedge.   It is a low maintenance frost hardy species that requires a well-drained position - one thing though...don't plant near drains or sewerage pipes!

30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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