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Acacia dunnii - Elephant's Ear Wattle - 5 seeds

Acacia dunnii - Elephant's Ear Wattle - 5 seeds


This Australian native shrub to small tree growing 4 - 7m tall with a single stem is a truly beautiful Acacia with its silvery blue to grey green foliage, being large leaves from 12 to 42cm long x 6 to 17cm wide, the spectacular bright yellow globular flowers are borne in long racemes at the ends of branches occurring from Summer to Autumn and large seed pods follow.


Native to NW Western Australia and the Top End of Northern Territory growing naturally in gravelly soil often on rocky slopes.  

It is very ornamental and would make a great addition to any home garden in the tropics and makes a fabulous statement specimen!


5 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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