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Acacia cyclops - Cyclops Wattle - 15 seeds

Acacia cyclops - Cyclops Wattle - 15 seeds

Bush Tucker, Animal Fodder and an attractive Wattle with interesting seeds!
This Acacia is native to southern WA and grows as a dense shrub or rarely a tree 0.8 - 4m tall with a rounded canopy and has a shorter more spreading habit when grown on coastal dunes and a more upright habit when grown in inland areas.
It is found naturally growing on white, grey sand on coastal sand dunes and limestone in coastal heath or scrubland in loam or sand.
It has light green, thick and leathery phyllodes 40 - 90mm long and yellow globular flowers that occur in late Spring, Summer through to Autumn, flowers are borne in singular paired stalkless clusters in the leaf axils.
The seed pods that follow are elongated and flattened to 150mm long x 7 - 15mm wide and become coiled and twisted when ripe and opened, inside are smooth dark brown to black glossy seeds 5 - 7mm long that are encircled by a very conspicuous bright red to orange fleshy aril which is very attractive.
Prefers to be grown in a full sun position in temperate, subtropical, arid and semi arid climates, it is tolerant for drought, sea spray and highly saline soils and is often used to stabilise coastal sand dunes.
It is also a fantastic Bush Tucker food, Indigenous Australians ground the seeds into flour, mixed with water and cooked as a bread, the green seed pods release a sticky liquid when crushed and mixed with water makes a sunscreen, insect repellent and also a treatment for eczema.
The gum from the stem can be eaten as well as the Bardi grubs that burrow into the stems as larvae are very nutritious and sought after as a Bush Tucker Food.
Also makes good animal fodder.

15 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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