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Acacia brachystachya - Umbrella Mulga - 20 seeds

Acacia brachystachya - Umbrella Mulga - 20 seeds

Bright yellow flowers against olive green foliage, another great Aussie Wattle!
This Acacia is an erect or spreading tree or shrub, growing 2 - 6m in height with branches starting at the base with smooth to fissured grey bark and olive to grey green phyllodes that are somewhat rigid, linear to slightly curved, 8 - 16cm long x 2 - 3mm wide. 
In Autumn to Winter, inflorescences occur in leaf (phyllode) axils as cylindrical bright yellow flowers, 1.3 - 2cm long, these are then followed by straight to slightly flattened silvery grey seed pods, ripening to brown.
This species occurs in all mainland states except VIC, form the extreme east of WA, the south of NT, much of SA to SW QLD and NE NSW, commonly found in Mulga and Heath on sand hills and rocky ridges as well as on sandy loam soils on and between sandy dunes or stony soil.
Best in full sun in well drained soils.
This listing is for 20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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