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What's new at Living Green and Seedy?

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Well! It's been a whirlwind here since taking over our shop in July but I am happy to report that Mark and I now have got our systems in place and things are running very smoothly so I am finally getting back into the groove of being able to take more photos, do more writing and posts on social media! Lucky you!

Our stock has been replenished and germination testing will begin soon on certain species to check viability of seeds (and also because I want to grow some more plants!) so I'll be posting updates on those.

Due to the delays that have been associated with Australia Post regular deliveries, we decided to update our postage options on ebay to give our customers more choice when it comes to choosing their delivery options. We are hoping that our customers are happy with the changes and we can get seed out to you all more efficiently.

Unfortunately International Post is still suspended but we'll look at resuming this at some stage in 202.

We are still working on getting our webstore up and running but that will not take effect until early 2021, it will consist of our best selling seed lines and specials.

We will be offering seed pods for sale of many different Australian and Exotic species - there are so many different shapes, sizes, forms and I just find them fascinating as I'm sure many others do too!

We have a few new lines that we are introducing over the next week or so and I'll be talking about them in more detail in the coming weeks - photos of each are in the gallery below.

Brunonia australis - Blue Pincushion - this is a cute little herbaceous perennial which has brilliant blue flowers! Kennedia microphylla - Miniature Running Postman - A gorgeous groundcover that puts on a showy display of small orange to red flowers from Winter to Spring.

Macadamia tetraptera - The Macadamia Nut Tree - This one really needs no introduction, delicious nuts are produced and the trees are a fantastic addition to a home garden.

Wahlengerbia stricta - Australian Bluebell - A herbaceous perennial that has pale blue flowers, sometimes white and is perfect for mass plantings. It is often difficult to get seed so we are very happy to have some to offer.

So that's just a little snippet of what's been happening here at Living Green and Feeling Seedy, hope you found it interesting and we'll keep you updated as things come to hand.

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