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Koala Food Trees

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Koalas are folivores - specialist leaf eaters, they mostly feed on Eucalyptus leaves but they do feed on other species.

Adult Koalas and Joeys will choose species that vary from one location to another according to what grows in their home range, they do prefer species that are endemic to their local area so if you are looking to plant some Koala food trees, do a little bit of research beforehand.

Koalas live over a range of open forest and woodland communities, the thick nutrient rich soils on coastal fringes and watercourses provide higher nutrient levels, there are usually higher densities of Koalas found on the coast compared to Inland Koala populations and they are generally healthier although they do remain in areas where their habitat has been partially cleared due to new large scale developments.

Local extinctions have occurred due to clearing and fragmentation of Eucalypt woodlands and forest for agriculture and human settlements.