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Guest Blog - A Beginners Guide to Starting a Garden by Carrie Spencer

A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Garden

Growing your own food is an excellent hobby to pick up today. Having fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs on hand can make your diet healthier (and less expensive). Moreover, gardening is an active, rewarding task that gets you in the sunlight and fresh air. And although beginners often find gardening a little intimidating, it can be surprisingly easy once you get the hang of it! Use this guide to get started!

Planning Your Garden

Start small to increase your odds of success.

● Mark out a small plot in your garden you can dedicate to growing food.

Avoid disputes with neighbors by having your property surveyed if you’re unaware of your exact property line.

● Use these tips to make the most of a small space.

● No garden? No problem. Here are a few plants that grow well in apartments.

Making Things Easy

A few simple tricks can reduce the workload of caring for your garden.

● Plant veggies with the same light and water needs together to keep things simple.

● Take your climate into account when picking plants to make sure your veggies can withstand your weather conditions.

● You can even introduce Aboriginal food into your garden. For example, you can plant bush tucker seeds purchased from Living Green and Feeling Seedy. The shop also offers a nice selection of weird and wonderful plants.

Managing Common Issues

Here are a few problems nearly every gardener faces.

● These tips can help keep local wildlife out of your crops.

● Here’s how to recognize and treat common plant diseases.

● Check your soil’s acidity to avoid pH issues in your garden.

Growing your own garden gives you access to the freshest fruits and vegetables, improves your diet, and lowers your grocery bill in the process. Get started today, and soon you’ll be chowing down on your own homegrown goodies!

Photo Credit: Unsplash

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