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Scaevola spinescens Broad Leaf Form - Maroon Bush / Currant Bush - 10 seeds

Scaevola spinescens Broad Leaf Form - Maroon Bush / Currant Bush - 10 seeds

A great Bush Tucker species with medicinal properties!
This West Australian native grows as a rigid, divaricate and spiny shrub 0.2 - 2m tall and is a hardy dry weather shrub found in semi arid sand plains and scrublands in all states except for TAS and VIC.  It is a hardy evergreen and similar in looks to Rosemary.
Creamy yellow coloured flowers are fan shaped and occur throughout the year, these are followed by edible purple to black oval berries 5mm in diameter.
Best grown in full sun in well drained, fertile soil.  It is tolerant of drought and some salinity, attracts birds, bees and other insects.
Makes an unusual Bonsai specimen, Bush Tucker, low native security screen, hedge, gap filler and in containers.
Indigenous Australians have used this a Bush Tucker food and traditional bush medicine to treat cancer, heart disease, intestinal conditions, kidney and conditions and general illness.
It is most commonly consumed as a tea, the leaves, flowers and berries can be simmered in water for 40 minutes, then leave to cool overnight before before straining and drinking.
The roots also infused in water and taken to help with digestive pain.
Berries are edible and taste best when purple black and ripe.

10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.  

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