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Rhodosphaera rhodanthema - Tulip Satinash / Yellow Cedar - 15 seeds

Rhodosphaera rhodanthema - Tulip Satinash / Yellow Cedar - 15 seeds


This is a fast growing evergreen Australian native tree reaching 15 – 20m in height in its native habitat but usually 10 – 12m in cultivation, having a columnar habit, a cylindrical trunk that is sometimes slightly buttressed, brown to grey scaly bark and deep green foliage that is glossy on top and dull beneath.


Beautiful sprays of pinkish red panicles 10 – 20cm long in Spring, these are then followed by round, shiny, chocolate brown fruits hanging in clusters that persist on the tree for many months.


The timber is yellowish with a silky lustre, streaked in bronze to dark yellow tones and when cut exudes a thick creamy white gum that has a cane aroma.


Naturally occurs in northern NSW to southern QLD in dry rainforest and subtropical rainforest.


Grows best in full sun to part shade in sandy, loamy and acidic soils, it is frost tolerant as well as drought tolerant but is well known for its environmental adaptability and is an excellent choice in tough conditions. 


15 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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