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Pycnosorus globosus - Billy Buttons - 50 seeds

Pycnosorus globosus - Billy Buttons - 50 seeds


This is a dense perennial Australian Native groundcover spreading by underground rhizomes growing to a height of 60cm with beautiful soft leaves that are long, grey and narrow which provide a beautiful contrast to the golden globular flowerheads that are carried above the foliage on long sturdy stems in Spring to Summer.

Mature plants carry a proliferation of blooms and they are certainly a sight to behold in full flower - note that removing spent flowerheads will encourage even more flowers!

Foliage may die off in Winter in colder climates but will resprout again in Spring.


Pycnosorous globosus has a wide natural distribution growing in warm temperate, cool temperate and Mediterranean climates in NSW, QLD, VIC and SA usually occurring in swampy areas although it is drought tolerant and can take dry periods. 


It is frost hardy, is suitable for coastal sites, attracts native bees and flowers can be used in dried flower arrangements.


This makes a wonderful addition to cottage gardens, in rockeries and as a foreground or border plant in native gardens.


50 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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