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Pultenaea villosa - Eggs & Bacon - 20 Seeds

Pultenaea villosa - Eggs & Bacon - 20 Seeds


Commonly known as 'Eggs and Bacon', Pultenaea villosa is another of pea flower family and occurs naturally over an area from southern Queensland along the coastal of New South Wales to Bega on the south coast.

It is a graceful weeping shrub 2m high by 3m across, spreading and many branched and has an excellent natural form and habit so should be allowed to attain its full height and spread to show its full beauty.  


The last 15cm or so of the branches hang in a weeping manner, the leaves vary in length from 5mm to 7mm with dense short hairs giving the whole plant a greyish bloom.

Flowering is from Spring to Summer and the flowers are bright yellow in colour, the reddish new growth on the branches looks attractive in late Winter and early Spring.  In cultivation it likes a moist soil with average drainage. The plant performs best in an open position with sun for at least half a day.  Supplementary watering is needed during the warmer Summer months.

It is makes an great specimen plant but also forms a good, small informal hedge that accepts light pruning.  It is frost hardy. 

Propagate from seed with the usual pre-treatment for the pea family - hot water or scarification.

20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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