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Psidium cattleianum v lucidum - Lemon Guava - 10 seeds

Psidium cattleianum v lucidum - Lemon Guava - 10 seeds

Delicious fruit that can even be trained as a Bonsai!

Myrtaceae species - No shipment to WA or TAS


This is a delicious fruiting shrub native to SE Brazil and northern Uruguay, now widespread throughout the tropics and subtropics, found naturally growing on forest edges, glades and rangelands in mesothermic humid areas with an annual rainfall of at least 1000mm, with a pronounced dry season and possible frost at higher altitudes.
The growth form changes depending on the environment where it is grown, in full sun it grows as a slow growing shrub, 2 - 4m tall, usually branching from the base and has an attractive rounded habit but if grown in shaded conditions, it grows as an erect small tree to 8m tall and branches weakly.
The thin stems and branches are smooth, pin, green or grey - brown in colour, bark peeling off in small papery flakes, young twigs are red in colour.
The thick leaves are elliptic to obovate, 4.5 - 12cm long x 2 - 6cm wide with a blunt to slightly acuminate apex and cuneiform sharp base, the leaves upper surface is a glossy dark green, waxy and flat to slightly folded around the main rib, underneath the leaf is glabrous and whitish green, young leaves are red in colour.
Flowers occur in the warmer months of Spring to Summer and are axillary or solitary, rarely grouped in 2 or 3 with 4 - 5 white obovate petals, 5 - 6mm long and wide, bearing many stamens and a greenish disc shaped stigma.
Fruit is globose to obovoid, 2.5 - 5cm in diameter and bears persistant sepals at the apex, the skin is thin, dark green ripening to a sulphur yellow with soft, white pulp that contains reniform
shaped seeds 2 - 3mm long, the fruit has a lemon guava flavour and is quite tasty!
The fruit can be eaten fresh, juiced or cooked.
It is best grown in full sun, in moist, well drained soil, be sure to water well when fruit is developing and ripening.
Makes a great garden plant for edible uses, can be hedged or pruned to shape or desired height and also makes a great Bonsai specimen!
This listing is for 10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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