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Passiflora quadrangularis - Giant Granadilla - 15 seeds

Passiflora quadrangularis - Giant Granadilla - 15 seeds


Passiflora quadrangularis, commonly known as the Barbadine or Giant Granadilla is a fast growing vine, arising from a fleshy root that enlarges with age, and can climb to a height of 10 - 15m. 

It produces showy flowers to 12cm in diameter with red petals and the purple and white rays, the fruit that follows are large, reaching of up to 30cm in length and turning yellow when mature. 


The pulp around the seeds is used to flavour ice cream and to make a cooling drink, in addition, the flesh of this fruit is edible.  The green fruit is boiled and eaten as a vegetable and the fully ripe flesh is eaten alone or in combination with such fruits as Papaya and Pineapple.

The Giant Granadilla grows well over a variety of soil types, but might suffer micro nutrient deficiencies on highly alkaline soils.  It benefits from annual pruning to control its size and to produce young juvenile wood which produces more flowers and potential fruit, it should not be allowed to grow on any tree since it will compete aggressively for space in the sun  and it might damage or kill its support.  The Giant Granadilla has few pest problems.

The 12cm flowers are comprised of red petals with purple and white rays which usually need to be hand pollinated to effect fertilisation, this should be done in the late morning, no later than 4 to 6 hours after the flowers open.

Fruit of the Giant Granadilla reach a length of up to 30cm and turn yellow when mature, the ripening fruits should be protected with wire cloth enclosures as they are a favourite food of rats, birds, and bats.

15 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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