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Lomandra longifolia - Spiny Headed Matrush - 50 seeds

Lomandra longifolia - Spiny Headed Matrush - 50 seeds


Lomandra longifolia, commonly known as the Spiny Headed Matrush is a well known large tufted grassy species with dense tussocks of narrow straplike somewhat stiff leaves from deep green to bluish green to 70 to 80cm long and has been widely used as as a landscape plant. 


The yellow and cream blossoms have a delightful honey smell, they are spiky clusters and appear in Spring and then setting seed in the Summer.


This is an understorey plant that is both hardy and attractive as well as being an excellent soil binder and can take some inundation and is ideal for water features. 

Lomandras are versatile, growing in full sun or shade and the leaves will arch over rocks or hide unsightly concrete edging in a water feature.  Lomandra longifolia is frost hardy, can grow in poorly drained heavy soil and can take a range of climates from temperate to tropical.  It is easily and quickly grown from seed.

50 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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