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Lavandula stoechas - French Lavender/Butterfly Lavender - 30 seeds

Lavandula stoechas - French Lavender/Butterfly Lavender - 30 seeds

Very showy purple flowers and highly aromatic!
This gorgeous Lavender grows 60 - 90cm tall and wide with soft, narrow, light greenish grey and highly aromatic foliage and very conspicuous dark purple flowers with distinctive sterile bracts on top of the short, dense inflorescence, looks like little butterflies sitting on top of the flower from Autumn through to Summer.
Best grown in full sun in well drained sandy soils and needs excellent air circulation and drainage in hot humid climates. This is tolerant of wind, drought and dry soil, performs best when pruned back hard after its peak flowering in Summer, this will promote the growth of shorter and stronger flower stems.
Makes a great garden feature, looks fantastic when planted en masse, in containers, as a hedge, in rockeries and as a standard garden specimen. Can be used as dried flowers, in pot pourri and in aromatherapy.
This listing is for 30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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