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Hakea prostrata Coastal Form - Prostrate Harsh Hakea - 5 seeds

Hakea prostrata Coastal Form - Prostrate Harsh Hakea - 5 seeds

Makes a great natural and native security screen!
This grows as an evergreen erect prostrate or sprawling shrub with a wide crown that is lignotuberous, growing 0.3 - 4m tall x 1.5 - 2m wide with elliptic to broadly obovate, leathery light green leaves 1.5 - 5.5cm long x 10 - 35mm wide, auricles are toothed or entire, dentate the whole length or in the upper half only with 1 - 3 x 1 - 5mm long teeth per side and are woolly tomentose.
The inflorescences occur in the upper leaf axils with 10 - 16 flowers that are creamy white, pink or red from Winter to Spring, flowers are followed by a smooth, glabrous, ovate fruit 2.3 - 3.8cm long x 1 - 1.6cm wide that are scattered with prickles, when it opens the seed is 18 - 20mm long with a wing partly down one or both sides of the seed body.
This is a common species of SW WA that is found growing on white or grey sand, gravel or sandy clay in low dense heath, Eucalypt woodland, coastal heath or in Jarrah woodland
It is best growing in full sun or part shade in low humidity areas, it resists high temperatures, is lightly frost tolerant, tolerates drought and is relatively resistant to most pests and diseases.
Water only when the soil is completely dry and prune after flowering.
This is a great species can perform impenetrable barriers and hedges so it makes a good security screen and also attracts birds, bees and other insects.

5 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.  

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