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Hakea lissocarpha - Honeybush - 5 seeds

Hakea lissocarpha - Honeybush - 5 seeds


Hakea lissocarpha, commonly known as the Honeybush, is a dense spreading shrub to 1.5m in height.  It sometimes displays columnar branchlets, bark is a smooth to roughish grey and foliage is divided into several segments, short, terete, quite rigid and sharply pointed. 


Flower colour ranges from white to deep red to pink and is a long flowering, sweetly scented species with the blooms borne in clusters in the leaf axils on the upper branchlets from Autumn to Spring.  Fruit is ovoid in shape with two small horns.


This is a Western Australian species that occurs naturally around the coast from Northampton to Israelite Bay on sand, lateritic gravel or limestone in either heath or woodland and is both drought and frost hardy.  It requires good drainage and will grow in most well drained soils and prefers full sun or part shade.


It is a valuable understorey plant in the Jarrah forests and is useful as a hedging plant (it takes heavy pruning), a wildlife habitat and shelter for small nesting birds, and for erosion control.  It is a source of nectar and honey very attractive to nectar feeding birds.


This species is readily grown from seed which does not require any special pre-treatment.


5 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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