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Hakea francisiana - Narukalja - 20 seeds

Hakea francisiana - Narukalja - 20 seeds


Hakea francisiana, variously known as the Bottlebrush Hakea, Emu Tree or Narukalja, is a shrub or small tree to approximately 5m in height and 2m in width with ascending branches and a smooth grey bark, foliage is long and flat to about 25cm, broad linear with a bluntly pointed apex.  Branches are long and arching with the poker-like flowers in terminal clusters and fruit is ovoid with a finely pointed beak.

Flowers are deep pink or red, occasionally white, produced in elongated racemes up to 9cm in length.  Buds are enclosed in large bracts before opening and this is a long-flowering species with the flowers appearing from late Winter to Spring. 


It is a truly splendid sight in full flower.

This is a South Australian and Western Australian species occurring from Geraldton in the west through Kalgoorlie and into South Australia in arid areas, shrubland or low woodland primarily on sand or sand and gravel.  It requires good drainage and full sun and is best in a sheltered position.  It is both drought and frost tolerant and is not suited to humid climates.

This species makes an attractive ornamental, is bird attracting and is a good wildlife habitat and is a useful plant for controlling soil erosion.

Propagation from seed is straightforward and germination in 3 to 5 weeks.

20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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