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Grevillea decora - Bronze Grevillea - 10 seeds

Grevillea decora - Bronze Grevillea - 10 seeds


This is an upright shrub to 5m tall with narrow, oval leathery leaves that are dull grey green with bronze red and densely hairy new growth.  The 8 to 30cm long dense toothbrush flowers are a dull bronze and are borne at the ends of branches from Autumn to Spring, the seeds that follow are enclosed in leathery, hairy follicles and the style persists.


This is a shrub of open woodland from the Great Dividing Range in QLD and does well in dry tropical areas and is not suited to cold or temperate climates but has been grafted onto Grevillea root stock successfully for cooler areas.

Grevillea decora it is frost hardy once established and can be lightly pruned to maintain a bushy habit.


10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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