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Ficus elastica - Rubber Plant / Rubber Fig - 500 seeds

Ficus elastica - Rubber Plant / Rubber Fig - 500 seeds

This is a native of NE India, Burma, China, Malaysia, Nepal, Indonesia and Bhutan that can reach 30m in its native habitat and develops a stout trunk that buttresses with age and can be up to 2m in diameter, develops aerial roots to anchor the tree in the soil and help support the heavy branches.
In parts of India, people guide the roots of the tree over gullies to eventually form beautiful living bridges as shown in the listing photo.
It is quite an ornamental plant, this is also used widely as an indoor specimen and attains a much more manageable height, usually only up to 1.8m, the leaves are a shiny deep green colour, large and leathery 10 - 30cm long and 5 - 15cm wide.
When it is young and begins to grow in height it is common to train and support the trunk and branches by staking to keep them growing upright.
This is an easy to care for plant and can grow well in low light making it a great choice for an indoor plant.  
Ficus elastica prefers temperatures of between 15 to 24° C and doesn't like sudden drops of temperature or cold draughts or being moved around too much and is best grown in a brightly lit spot indoors without direct sunlight.
Water when soil is slightly dry to touch and be sure that the pot that you are using has sufficient drainage using a well drained and well aerated potting mix - a good mix is 1 part peat, 1 part pine bark, 1 part coarse sand or perlite.
Feed in the Spring and Summer with a diluted liquid fertiliser ever 2 weeks.  Prune to desired shape and height in the Spring or Summer.
This listing is for 500 seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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