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Ficus benghalensis - Banyan / Peepal / Indian Banyan - 500 seeds

Ficus benghalensis - Banyan / Peepal / Indian Banyan - 500 seeds

A great choice for a Bonsai specimen!
This is a fast growing, long lived, evergreen to deciduous tree native to India and Pakistan, the trees in India are the biggest in the world with a massive spreading canopy coverage and is considered sacred and believed to be a tree that Buddha received enlightenment under.
In its native habitat it grows 20 - 30m in height but as an indoor specimen reaches only 1.5 - 3m tall and has a light coloured trunk, velvety green leaves with pale veins.
It typically starts as an epiphyte growing in another trees canopy, aerial roots are sent down to the ground and these roots become vigorous woody trunks, these are great features for a Bonsai specimen.
Grows best in hot humid environments indirect light but doesn't tolerate long periods of low light which causes leaf drop.
It prefers temperatures of 15°C and above, 21°C for optimal growth and doesn't tolerate drafts and repotting annually is recommended to slow down growth.  Don't overwater, allow to dry out between waterings - it is drought tolerant.
Fertilise with a slow release fertiliser every month during Spring and Summer and once every two months during Autumn and Winter, prune in Winter to maintain shape and size.
This is a great ornamental tropical tree that makes a fabulous feature in large gardens and parks, as a houseplant or even Bonsai.
Note that this seed is sourced from India so has been pollinated by the specific wasp necessary to set flowers, set fruits and set viable seed.
This listing is for 500 seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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