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Eucalyptus resinifera - Red Mahogany - 200 Seeds

Eucalyptus resinifera - Red Mahogany - 200 Seeds


A great timber tree and a useful bee tree!


Myrtaceae - no shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania


Eucalyptus resinifera, commonly known as the Red Mahogany or Red Messmate is a medium-sized to tall lignotuberous tree to 45m occurring naturally in coastal locations over a wide latitudinal range from Jervis Bay near Sydney to Gladstone in Queensland and sporadically in northern Queensland.
The grey to red-brown bark is stringy or fibrous and rough to the small branches, held in long flat strips with shallow fissures in between.  Juvenile foliage is from 6 to 15cm long and 2 to 4.5cm wide in a dull green, lighter on the bottom of the leaves and adult leaves are glossy, 8 to 18cm in length, 2 to 4cm wide and a darker green on the top of the leaves.  The green to yellow or cream to red mature buds are slightly ovoid and strongly beaked. Flowers are white and appear in the Summer.
Eucalyptus resinifera has dense, red wood that reminded early Australian colonists of Jamaican Mahogany and has been used in the timber industry for general construction, flooring, cladding, panelling, sills, bridge decking. Indigenous Australians used it for timber and also medicinal purposes.  It is also used by apiarists for the production of honey. 


The common name is derived from its propensity to ooze a sappy resin and the sap is the most important dietary item for the Yellow Bellied Glider and also attracts birds
It is a species that takes well to heavier soils including clay soils.
This listing is for 200 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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