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Eucalyptus pyriformis - Pear Fruited Mallee - 25 seeds

Eucalyptus pyriformis - Pear Fruited Mallee - 25 seeds

Myrtaceae species - No Shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania
Eucalyptus pyriformis is a lignotuperous Mallee type Eucalypt growing 1.5 - 3m tall with a spreading habit, the trunks have smooth bark that sheds in ribbons, branchlets are an attractive reddish colour when young.  The mid green leaves are thick textured 6 - 8cm long and 1.5 - 2.5cm wide, the pendulous flowers are usually reddish pink, sometimes a creamy yellow and occur from late Winter to Spring and are 10cm across.
Grows naturally on heathland on the sandplains, hill slopes in well drained soils that are slightly acidic on sands over a clay subsoil.  It is fast growing, is drought resistant and tolerates light frost, best grown in full sun and can be pruned if required.
A fabulous ornamental Eucalyptus has beautiful big clusters of flowers and ornamental seed capsules that follow, can be used as a screen, windbreak, as a feature, for erosion control and attracts nectar feeding birds and mammals as well as bees and insects.
 25 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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