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Eucalyptus kessellii - Ribbed Mallee - 50 seeds

Eucalyptus kessellii - Ribbed Mallee - 50 seeds

Myrtaceae species - No shipment in WA or TAS
ThisAustralian native grows up to 10m tall, forming a lignotuber and is endemic to WA with a southerly subcoastal distribution in Mallee woodland and Mallee heath communities, on low rises and flats on sandy to sandy clay soils, clay loam and on laterite.
The bark is very rough and hard, grey brown to black over the lower part of the trunk or smooth throughout on smaller Mallees, smooth bark that is grey brown and pale brown to pink to orange.


Juvenile foliage ovate on the lower leaves becoming orbicular, 3 - 9cm long x 4 - 9cm wide and are a dull grey green, adult foliage is lanceolate to ovate, 7 - 14.5cm long x 1.5 - 3.5cm wide, green or rarely greyish green and glossy.
Flower buds occur in groups of 3 per umbel and open up to reveal creamy white or pale yellow flowers in late Winter to Spring.
50 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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