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Eucalyptus ewartiana - Ewarts Mallee - 50 Seeds

Eucalyptus ewartiana - Ewarts Mallee - 50 Seeds

Great foliage and lovely minirichi bark!
Myrtaceae - No shipment to WA or TAS
Eucalyptus ewartiana, commonly known as Ewart's Mallee, is a Mallee that is native to Western Australia in the wheat belt, Pilbara and Goldfields-Esperance regions and typically grows as a multi-trunked Mallee from 2 to 7m in height.
Juvenile foliage (coppice or field seedlings to 50cm): stems rounded in cross-section; juvenile leaves always petiolate, opposite for lowest node then alternate, ovate, 5–8cm long, 1.5–5 cm wide, dull, greyish green. 
Adult leaves alternate, petioles 0.7–2.5 cm long; blade ovate to lanceolate, sometimes narrowly so, (3.8)4.5–9.5 cm long, 1–3(4) cm wide, base tapering to petiole, margin entire, apex acute, concolorous, thickish, dull, green or greyish green.
Bark is attractive, Minnirichi throughout, greyish over red-brown or green-brown
Flowers are cream.
This species is one of  a small group of Eucalyptus  in the series Curviptera subseries Orbifoliae and is most closely related to Eucalyptus crucis, Eucalyptus websteriana and Eucalyptus orbifolia.
This is a hardy plant that prefers well drained sandy soil, low humidity, full sun and slightly acid soil.  Once established it will tolerate drought, frost and lime.  Little to no maintenance is required apart from keeping up the water until it is established as it originates from a very dry climate it has low water needs once established.
This listing is for 50 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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