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Eucalyptus amygdalina - Tasmanian Black Peppermint - 100 Seeds

Eucalyptus amygdalina - Tasmanian Black Peppermint - 100 Seeds


Myrtaceae - no shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania


Eucalyptus amygdalina, commonly known as the Tasmanian Black Peppermint, is a small to medium-sized, narrow leaved peppermint tree growing to some 30m in height and is endemic to Tasmania where it is widespread in the drier, north-eastern half of the island, from coastal areas extending well inland to the edges. 
The bark of Eucalyptus amygdalina is rough over the whole trunk unlike that in the closely related Eucalyptus pulchella, the only other peppermint species found in Tasmania is the more distantly related, common mainland species, the narrow-leafed peppermint Eucalytpus radiata ssp radiata.
The seedling leaves of Eucalyptus amygdalina are notable for the almost complete lack of oil glands, juvenile foliage is a discolorous grey-green turning to a concolorous green at maturity.  Leaves are long and thin - up to 11.5cm by 1cm in width and as with all the Peppermint species, the foliage generally gives off a strong peppermint smell when crushed. 
This is a cooler climate Eucalypt that can tolerate cold and drought and while being frost tolerant is not able to handle extremes of cold as well as some of the alpine Eucalyptus.  Being a lignotuberous species it can regenerate after fire or cold damage from its underground tuber. 
It requires a position in full sun and can tolerant relatively dry conditions.
100 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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