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Dillwynia retorta - Heathy Parrot Pea - 30 Seeds

Dillwynia retorta - Heathy Parrot Pea - 30 Seeds


An attractive understorey shrub or potted plant!


Dillwynia retorta, commonly known as the Heathy Parrot Pea, is a variable rounded, upright or prostrate shrub that can reach as much as 2m in height although normally much smaller.  It is found naturally as a heath or dry schlerophyll plant in New South Wales to southern Queensland.

The attractive pea type flowers are normally bright yellow with a red throat, although orange-yellow flowers are not uncommon, flowering in the late Winter and Spring producing masses of flowers in the upper leaf axils. Foliage is narrow, pointed and spirally twisted giving it its botanical name.

Frost hardy to -7°C. 

As with all the Dillwynia family they require good drainage so they prefer lighter sandy soils and respond well to mulching and hard pruning, which promotes bushiness.  It is an ornamental nitrogen-fixing understorey plant that can make an attractive low feature or potted plant.

This listing is for 30 seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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