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Cupressus lusitanica - Cedar of Goa / White Cypress - 30 Seeds

Cupressus lusitanica - Cedar of Goa / White Cypress - 30 Seeds

upressus lusitanica, commonly known as the Mexican Cypress or Cedar of Goa is an aromatic evergreen tree from Mexico and Central America attaining 25 - 30m in height, the crown is broadly pyramidal with the branches becoming pendulous as the tree ages.  The bark is thick, reddish-brown and marked with longitudinal fissures. Shoots are quadrangular, pendulous, and om several planes and foliage is distinctly bluish-green, four-ranked, ovate, closely pressed, usually with a long, pointed apex.  Cones are globose to some 12mm across, bluish-green in the juvenile stage, turning golden brown when they ripen.
This tree is grown as a garden ornamental and in commercial forestry plantations throughout the tropical and temperate world, including Australia, this species has naturalised in Queensland.
This species prefers fertile, lighter well-drained sandy to light loamy soils in full sun, is best given some protection from strong winds and prefers a natural rainfall of 750mm plus but tolerates lower limits to about 500mm per year. It is also frost resistant.
This listing is for 30 seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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