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Cryptomeria japonica - Japanese Cedar - 30 Seeds

Cryptomeria japonica - Japanese Cedar - 30 Seeds


Cryptomeria japonica, commonly known as Japanese Cedar, is a forest tree native to Japan and southern China.  It is a tall, cone shaped evergreen with bluish green foliage and a massive trunk with thick reddish brown bark that shreds and peels in long strips.

This is a fast growing tree (up to 7m in 10 years) that, in its native habitat, can get more than 50m tall with a trunk diameter exceeding 3m - ornamental specimens are rarely more than 20m tall though, and many of the named selections stay much smaller.  The branches are arranged in horizontal tiers, ascending at first, then drooping near their ends.  The flattened, wedge-shaped leaves are about 1.3cm long and point forward, while their bases clasp the twigs.  The leaves are overlapping and crowded in 5 ranks that spiral around and completely cloak the twigs.  Male and female cones, 2.5 m or less in length, are on the same tree.

More than 200 ornamental cultivars have been named.

Site in full sun to partial shade and Cryptomeria needs well-drained soil but plenty of water for best growth.  Never allow the soil to dry out and mist if the humidity stays very low, this is a very hardy frost tolerant tree.

Stately Japanese Cedar makes an imposing specimen or use them in a group to create a visual screen or windbreak.  Japanese Cedars are symmetrical and uniform and are often planted along avenues.
It is also highly prized for Bonsai.

30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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