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Casuarina cunninghamiana - River Oak - 50 Seeds

Casuarina cunninghamiana - River Oak - 50 Seeds


The River Oak, Casuarina cunninghamiana is one of a number of Casuarina species that has proved to make an attractive Bonsai subject. 

In the wild it is a medium-sized tree to about 18m tall with slightly pendulous branches, producing cones to about 2.5cm in length.  It is a handsome tree now extensively used in urban areas within Australia, including the cold frosty national capital Canberra.  This is a versatile, frost tolerant species that goes equally well in well-drained, lightly saline or damp soils. 

It is a valuable habitat, parrots and finches eat seed, wrens and other birds nest in foliage.

As a Bonsai subject all styles are possible.  A slight tendency to weakness in branches and foliage at the end of cascades in upright specimens can be overcome by correct pruning.

This listing is for 50 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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