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Cassia marginata - Rose Shower Tree / Red Cassia - 15 seeds

Cassia marginata - Rose Shower Tree / Red Cassia - 15 seeds

Cassia marginata syn Cassia roxburghii commonly known as the Red Cassia or Rose Shower Tree is a small to medium tree reaching 5 to 6m in height and 5 to 8m in width.
It is native to Sri Lanka and southern India, it features feather like pinnately compound leaves and twigs covered with a dense carpet of fine, soft hairs.  The leaves are about 30cm in length and each has 15 - 20 pairs of oblong 5 leaflets with a dense, weeping habit with unpruned branches and foliage cascading to ground level. 
Selective pruning can easily constrain the height or width of this species if desired. 
Red Cassia produces clusters of pink, rose or salmon flowers in axillary and terminal racemes or rafts in late Spring and Summer the tree is almost overburdened with blooms.  The flower petals are about 1.5cm long and the conspicuous yellow stamens are characteristically swollen at their middles and each petal is delicately veined with green.  


The fruit is a typical legume, cylindrical and from 20 to 30cm in length and 2.5cm in diameter. 
Red Cassia performs well in full sun or partial shade preferring well drained soils with regular watering.
15 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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