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Callitris glaucophylla - White Cypress Pine/Murray Pine - 30 seeds

Callitris glaucophylla - White Cypress Pine/Murray Pine - 30 seeds

A great Australian native conifer that makes a fantastic Bonsai specimen!
This Australian native is a slow growing tree to 20m tall with a broad conical habit or as a stunted tree to 3m tall in less favourable habitats, it has a single trunk with rough furrowed bark with bluish green foliage, leaves 1 - 3mm long, dorsal surface not keeled and are aromatic when crushed.
Female cones are solitary, sometimes occurring in groups of two or more and rarely remaining on the tree after maturity, are ovoid to depressed globose and 15 - 25mm in diameter.
This is a widespread species found growing mostly on sandy soils as isolated individuals to extensive forests especially in inland districts in NSW, VIC, WA, SA and NT.
Best grown in full sun on well drained soils and is drought and frost resistant.
Makes a great Bonsai specimen, garden or park tree, the timber is used as a forestry timber with highly durable wood that is termite resistant.
This listing is for 30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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