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Brachychiton discolor - Pink Flame Tree - 15 seeds

Brachychiton discolor - Pink Flame Tree - 15 seeds


A tall, deciduous tree native to the forests of eastern Australia, growing to about 30m in the wild, but only about 15m in cultivation, this is one of the great feature trees of the world.  This species originates from rainforest and requires quite heavy rainfall, grows best in warm climates in a sunny spot, with well-drained fertile soil and protection from wind and frost.  They will take a range of soils and will grow in heavy soils and need plenty of water in the hot months of the year.  


It produces profuse red bell shaped flowers in late Spring and Summer when leaves are absent, the whole tree turning into a pillar of pink.  The Pink Flame Tree has its native habitat in the eastern parts of Qld and northern NSW, the best colour is displayed in hot dry seasons with the best flowers appearing on a seven year cycle and is a long lived tree and it is sometimes 10 years old before it flowers.

This tree likes moist sandy well-drained soil, however as with many rain forest species it will grow indoors and where it is not hardy, it can be grown as a container plant and moved outside for the Summer.  Indoors, grow in soil based potting mix with added sharp sand, it requires full light, with good air movement and shade from the hot sun.  When it is in active growth, water it moderately and apply a balanced liquid fertiliser, water sparingly in Winter.  


To promote germination drop the seeds in near boiling water and allow them to soak for 24 hours then plant 0.5cm deep in potting mix, keep warm and damp in full sun or very bright light, this seed may be slow to germinate.


For outdoor propagation, treat as if an indoor specimen, plant out at a minimum of 10 - 15cm, after the danger of frost has passed, water in well and the regularly during the hot months and then as needed. 


15 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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