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Banksia prionotes - Dwarf Acorn Banksia - 5 seeds

Banksia prionotes - Dwarf Acorn Banksia - 5 seeds


The Acorn Banksia, Banksia prionotes is a tall shrub or small tree growing to about 10m tall this dwarf form is a small plant reaching 1.5m in height and width but with all the features of the larger form. 

The leaves are narrow, to about 30cm in length by 20mm wide and have deeply serrated margins, it produces cylindrical orange flower spikes to 18 m by 8cm in the Autumn and Winter months. 


The flower spikes occur at the end of the branches and are showy and conspicuous.  The unopened blooms are greyish and have a distinct "Acorn" shape giving them their common name. 

This is an outstanding ornamental species and ideal for cut flower production due to its bright coloured, terminal flowers and is suited to cultivation in areas with a dry Summer climate  and is difficult to maintain in areas of high Summer humidity.  It requires well drained soils in full sun to light shade and tolerates at least moderate frost.

Planting into a limestone underlay can be an advantage to establishment. 


Like all Banksias, it is excellent for attracting honey eating birds.

Never feed with fertilisers that have even a moderate amount of phosphorous as it will be toxic to the plant due to its ability to take up even the smallest traces of this element.  It is best to fertilise only with a slow release type fertiliser formulated specifically for native plants.

Propagation of from seed is relatively easy. 


5 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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