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Banksia baxteri - Bird's Nest Banksia / Baxter's Banksia - 5 seeds

Banksia baxteri - Bird's Nest Banksia / Baxter's Banksia - 5 seeds


Banksia baxteri, also known as Baxter's Banksia or  Bird's Nest Banksia, is endemic to Western Australia and grows naturally in the nutrient poor, sandy dunes from Albany on the coast up into the Stirling Range.

Banksia baxteri grows as a shrub up to 4m high, with open branches spreading from a central stem and this species is highly valued for its 40mm wide lemon yellow inflorescence, which grow at the ends of the branches within a rosette of leaves - these have been said to look like a bird's nest, hence the common name 'Bird's Nest Banksia'. 

Flowering usually occurs mid Summer to Autumn, but can continue until well into Winter.


New foliage grows from the terminal tips, and is rust coloured, moderately hairy and soft, the mature leaves grow to 150mm long, becoming stiff and dull green, with conspicuous triangular shaped lobes. 

Pruning back hard post flowering will encourage attractive new growth and flowers and prevent the plant from becoming too straggly. 


Once established, Banksia baxteri has been shown to grow in full sun and under heavy frosts, with little to no damage observed to the foliage or flowers. 


Water sparingly in Summer. 


This species needs very well drained, slightly acidic soil, with a pH of 5 to 6 for optimum growth, it has also been successfully grown in a porous, sandy substrate in concrete pipes, simulating the dune environment it grows in naturally.


5 fresh and viable premium seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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