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Banksia aemula - Wallum Banksia - 10 seeds

Banksia aemula - Wallum Banksia - 10 seeds


Banksia aemula, commonly known as the Wallum Banksia occurs naturally in Queensland and New South Wales, from Bundaberg to Sydney, in coastal heath on sandy soils growing as a robust tree to about 8m in height, or can remain as a chunky, spreading shrub that grows in an irregular manner, often giving it the appearance of being sculptured.


The reddish coloured bark is corky and attractive, useful as a screening plant in the garden or make an interesting tree feature and as with many Banksia species, the new growth is showy and attractive!

The serrated leaves occur alternately along the stem and are narrow-obovate to oblong in shape and they can vary from 3 - 20cm long and between 5 - 30mm wide.


Flowering  generally occurs in Autumn and early Winter, although it can flower sporadically throughout the year. The buds start out green with inflorescences turning a vivid pale yellow and the styles changing colour with maturity to brown then grey, the old flowers remain persistent and form intriguing fruit.  Flowers are nectar producing and are attractive to nectar seeking birds, bees and insects.


Wallum Banksia is best in full sun in well drained soils and is tolerant of drought, light frost and heavily salt laden winds.  With its brighter flowers and flexible garden nature it is a great alternative to Banksia serrata.


10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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